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Hello darlings! 

Welcome to the exciting world of Glitterball Magazine!

Overlooking what can often be seen as the ‘typical’ view of women portrayed in the media (the pressure fit a certain stereotype), Glitterball Magazine celebrates what makes women special. Regardless of your body shape and size, I believe we should all be confident in our own skin.

Out of sheer determination I have created Glitterball and it’s my aim to inspire you with individuality and uniqueness. You’ll find me writing about a wide range of topics from culture, fashion, health and beauty and travel to fascinate you with. There’ll be some cool photo shoots too.

I’m a self-confessed beauty junkie and I love nothing more than indulging in a beauty haul or two. I adore Japanese and Korean beauty products (I’m totally addicted to essence and sheet masks) so you’ll regularly find me posting about my latest Asian beauty purchases. Don’t even get me started on shoes. At the last count many years ago I had 90 pairs…

While many of my contemporaries feature the latest ‘fast-fashion’ trends which can often encourage waste and a ‘throwaway culture’, longevity is a central theme of glitterballmagazine.com. Who cares if fashion items featured have been showcased more than once or if they’ve been languishing at the back of my overflowing wardrobe? It’s about how you style an outfit. That’s what counts.

As for the name Glitterball, well what can I say? I’m a big fan of The Mighty Boosh and Noel Fielding. 😉

I hope you enjoy it all. I’d love to hear your feedback.




Praise for Glitterball Magazine…

“I love your aesthetics! Hey I love girls like you! Where’s your army!”

Courtney Love    

“Fun! It’s super cute but also readable which is helpful!”

Anne Slowey, USA (Fashion News Director at US Elle Magazine)

“Cool magazine!”

Victoria Aitken, London, UK

“Very creative, glamorous and professional as usual! Well done Michelle!”

Stefano Venchiarutti, Paris, France

“Great magazine, keep up the good work!”

Devid & Thibaud Starecasers, Germany

“I was checking out Glitterball and it’s really stunning, you are so good with this Michelle! It looks so good!”

Sol Marianela, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Oh my, it’s fabulous! I’m completely in love with your mag!”

Chloe Evans, UK

“I’ve come across your e-magazine a few times and am very intrigued by it! I love your own unique design and quirkiness you add to the industry of journalism.”

Sophie Tomblin, UK